Master Airbrush Model G34 Airbrushing System with Model C14G Gold Heart Shape.

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System Includes: Master Airbrush Model G34 Airbrush Set, Master Performance Multi-Purpose Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with a 0.3 mm Needle/Nozzle and a Smaller 1/16 oz. Funnel Shaped Gravity Cup (Full 1-Year Warranty). Our most popular small cup airbrush! User Friendly and Excellent for Applications that require Detail Spraying or Quick Color Changes with Small Amounts of Fluid. Excellent for: Nail Art, Temporary Tattoos, Cake Decorating, Auto-Motorcycle Graphics, Makeup, Hobbies & More! 6 Foot Braided Airbrush Air Hose (Comes with C14G Air Compressor). Master Airbrush Model C14G Gold Heart Shaped Mini Air Compressor – High Performance Mini 12V DC Airbrush Compressor with direct plug in 110V AC Adapter. Has 3 Airflow Control Settings and Built-In Airbrush Holder (Maintenance Free, Oil-less and Quiet) (Full 1-Year Warranty). Portable: Compact and Light-Weight; Easy to Carry and Weighs less than 1.3 lbs. 3 Airflow Control Settings: High, Medium and Low Modes. Air Pressure: Maximum 28 PSI; Continuous Working. Suitable for: Nail Art, Hobbies, Crafts, Auto Graphics, Temporary Tattoos, Tanning, Cake Decorating, Etc… Supports Airbrushing for Most: Airbrush Types, Applications, Paint and Color Media, Levels of Users from Beginner to Advanced Artists. Airbrush Nail Art Stencil Set 9 – 20 Sheet Stencil Set with an Average of 15 Different Nail Art Design Patterns on each 2.5″ x 4.5″ Stencil Sheet (300 Designs). Professional Results are Easy with Custom Nails, Nail Art Stencils! Stencil Sheets are Made of Durable, Flexible, Reusable Mylar. Each Stencil Design Sheet contains a colored picture sheet portraying some designs in use. The picture sheet makes it easier to identify the choice of stencil design to use by yourself and clients. Stencil Set 9 (Stencils# 161-180) has a Huge Assortment of Designs.

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